Pfizer Egypt Cooperates with FUE to Enhance Educational at Faculty of Pharmacy

by nevine

Pfizer Egypt for Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceuticals – signed a cooperation protocol with Future University in Egypt (FUE), aiming to develop the educational process at the Faculty of Pharmacy and enhance the skills of future pharmacists to prepare them for the labor market. This step comes in line with Pfizer Egypt and FUE’s strategy to support the development of the healthcare sector in line with Egypt Vision 2030.

As part of the cooperation protocol, the Pfizer Egypt team will share with the students of the Faculty of Pharmacy at FUE the latest expertise in the pharmaceutical market and state-of-the-art technology in the healthcare sector.

Additionally, the team will shed light on the important role of the private sector in providing the latest treatments to patients through partnering with the government and cooperating with NGOs in key initiatives that support healthcare professionals and patients. Pfizer team will also educate the students on the skills needed for excelling at work to fill the gap between academic life and the labor market, including marketing and communication skills, strategic planning skills, and other business skills.

The signing ceremony was attended by Dr. Eman Fathy, Executive Director of the Continuing Professional Development Center at the Egyptian Drug Authority (EDA). Dr. Eman expressed the EDA’s strong belief in investing in human capabilities and the important role of partnerships between the various sectors in preparing university students and qualifying them for the labor market.

Future University in Egypt caters to the needs of the local, regional and global labor market through its various programs and faculties including the Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration and Faculty of Computer and Information Technology.

Moreover, FUE has received five stars in the global QS rating, the highest rating that can be obtained. In addition, it tops the list of private universities in Egypt (first place) and fourth at the level of Egyptian public and private universities according to the global QS classification and has acquired high ranking in other global education rankings at the global, Arab, and African levels.

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