NWC Launches “She Votes” A Special Coverage of Women’s Participation in 2024’s Presidential Elections

by Nada Khaled

Today, Sunday, December 10, the National Council for Women launched a special coverage for the 2024 presidential elections under the title “She Votes” which will last three days in the Council’s studio to monitor and follow up on the participation of Egyptian women in the presidential elections from all governorates of the Republic through the Council’s operations room, and over 1,200 field observers spread across all governorates.

The coverage will include news bulletins over the three days of December 10, 11, and 12, which are the national days of voting in the presidential elections, in addition to exclusive interviews that address many important topics and files, review the gains that women have achieved in all files, and highlight the transformative role that women play in all constitutional entitlements.

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