NRC, Int’l Teams Deduce Maps of Trade Exchange Between Ancient Egypt &World Countries

by nevine

Ayman Ashour, Higher Education and Scientific Research Minister, confirmed that a team of National Research Center (NRC) has collaborated with an international research team and managed to deduce maps of trade exchange between Ancient Egypt and the world countries through ancient embalming materials.

In his statement last Friday, Ashour indicated that the researchers studied the tomb discovered a few meters away from the “Pyramid of Unas” built in the 5th Dynasty in the Saqqara area. The embalming workshop includes a subterranean evisceration facility (the wabet), a multifunctional aboveground structure (probably corresponding to the ibu), and communal burial spaces.

It is noteworthy that the mummification workshop dates back to the 26th family and is located 30 meters below the earth’s surface.

The Egyptian team groups include Mahmoud Mohamed Bahgat, Professor of Biochemistry and Head of the Department of Therapeutic Chemistry and General Supervisor of the Central Laboratories Network and Centers of Excellence at the NRC, as well as Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed, Head of the Food Toxicology and Contaminants Department and Supervisor of the Chromatography Laboratory in the Central Laboratories Network.

The team also includes Ahmed Mahmoud Youssef, Head of the Packaging Materials Department at the NRC. On the other hand, the international research team includes researchers from Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and Italy.

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