Nouks: A hobby-turned-eco-friendly business

by nevine

Nour Louis, a seventeen-year-old Egyptian teenager with a passion for all shapes of art, has managed to utilize the coronavirus pandemic’s lockdown, and benefit from her suddenly-free schedule.

She realized that she can use her free time to turn her hobby of making beaded accessories into a successful business. A well-thought-out business plan began to form in her head, and she immediately started taking action.

Nour initiated a social media presence for her new business, by creating Facebook and Instagram pages named “Nouks”, showcasing all her beaded accessories that feature the infamous “Blue Evil Eye”, a personal favorite of hers.

Following her success, she expanded her business and began selling other handmade items. She felt her beaded accessories were more suited for the summer, so she sought her sister’s and mom’s help to add a new product to her elegant collection, eco-friendly Tote bags.

In an attempt to promote sustainable consumption, Nour assured her clients that her fashionable tote bags are an environment-friendly alternative that’s handmade using recycled materials.

Nour proceeded to acknowledge all the unprivileged women, who turned her designs into the beautiful pieces she sells online, in their local workshops at Al Ghoria, Al Azhar, and Ain Shams.

Fearing her young age and juggling responsibilities might stop her from fulfilling her dream of becoming a prominent entrepreneur, she skillfully studied the market and pinned down her targeted customers, in addition to managing her time to fit her side business into her busy schedule.

Nouks’ products have become a distinct brand with their vibrant colors, and cheerful designs that attract many Egyptian customers, and non-natives living in the country as well. Later on, Nour aspires to grow her local business to reach international clients from all over the world.

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