NCW: We are Working on Raising Financial Awareness for Women

Dalia Said, coordinator of the financial education program of the National Council for Women, said that financial education is one of the international programs, and the council is considered the owner of the program and has the right to implement it within the framework of its various projects and activities.

“The council is working on financial awareness for women, as we educate women and give them skills and give them knowledge so that they know how to manage their money in a proper way.”, she added during the “Nine O’clock Program”, broadcasted on channel one.

Said also stressed that financial education is an important topic, pointing out that the council doesn’t extensive experience from women who choose to attend the training course organized by the council.

Earlier, the National Council for Women, headed by Dr. Maya Morsi, extended its sincere congratulations to no less than 52 female professors of the university who were honored on the seventeenth Science Day of Cairo University, for obtaining state appreciation awards during the past two years

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