The Council continued the activities of the second day for its participation for the first time in a special pavilion within the activities of the 54th session of the Cairo International Book Fair 2023, held at the Egypt International Exhibitions Center (EIEC).

The pavilion of the National Council for Women witnessed a great turnout during the day, Friday, due to it being an official holiday, which contributed to a strong turnout of women and girls.

Visitors of the exhibition interacted greatly with the officials of the council’s pavilion, introducing the content of the publications displayed in the pavilion.

Moreover, the visitors were fascinated with the manual education workshop at the round table, which included girls, in addition to their admiration for the products of the national project for Egyptian women, which aroused the interest of the exhibition visitors.

On the sidelines of the exhibition, the council also organized a symposium entitled “The Role of Women in Building Cultural and Moral Awareness” today at twelve noon.

The symposium witnessed Dr. Saad El-Din Helaly, a member of the Council and Professor of Comparative Jurisprudence at the Faculty of Islamic Law at Al-Azhar University, speaking in Plaza Hall. 2, located between halls 3 and 4.


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