The National Council for Women in Beheira organized an awareness symposium titled “Early Detection of Genetic Diseases” at the Misr Public Library in Damanhur in cooperation with the Health Insurance Branch in Beheira.

Eng. Zakia Rashad, Rapporteur of the Council, Dr. Enas Gweili, VP of the Health Insurance Branch in Beheira and alternate Informant of the NCW, Dr. Ashraf Ayad, Head of Pediatric Departments at the Damanhour National Medical Institute, Consultant of Genetic Diseases in Beheira Health Insurance, Dr. Marwan Ashraf Shalaby, Master of Clinical Pathology and Analysis Specialist, all participated in the educational symposium, joined by to a large group of pioneers of the NCW’s branch in Beheira.

For her part, Rashad emphasized the importance of early detection of genetic diseases to preserve the health of new generations and prevent various diseases.

She referred to the role of state institutions in the early detection of genetic diseases through their health programs and initiatives, as well as their efforts to spread awareness of the population issue and achieve the desired goals of the National Population and Development Strategy.

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