The National Council for Women launched a media campaign to combat extortion and electronic harassment on the Internet and social networking sites in cooperation with the Ambassador Aziza program on the DMC channel.

The campaign aims to educate the community about the importance of talking to children, especially girls, embracing them, encouraging them, and giving them the confidence and strength to express themselves and talk to their parents about problems they face without fear or hesitation.

That is the only way to protect them from electronic bullying and extortion, which is punishable by law, and in the event of such a crime, parents must also support their daughters and help them obtain their legal rights.

The Women’s Complaints Office in the Council continues its role in providing legal and psychological support and assistance to women and girls subjected to electronic extortion by receiving complaints and inquiries through a personal interview, on their hotline 15115, via WhatsApp on the number 01007525600, or through messages on the Council’s Facebook page.

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