NCW Collaborates with YouTube to Promote Safe Environment for Female Content Creators

by nevine

On the occasion of International Day for Safer Internet, the National Council for Women announced a cooperation with the YouTube platform in Egypt to foster a safer environment on the platform and encourage more female content makers to join and share their ideas on YouTube.

Through this collaboration, representatives of the NCW, experienced female content makers, and experts from YouTube will organize training workshops and meetings that help build a supportive community for upcoming female content makers.

These workshops additionally aim to assist more content makers to benefit from different resources to develop their channels and learn about various tools and features to stay safe on the platform.

President of the NCW, Dr. Maya Morsi, stated: We are happy to partner with YouTube to promote a safer environment for Egyptian women on the platform, especially in light of what women suffer from exposure to different types of electronic violence such as (harassment, bullying, extortion, etc.) through various social media.

Morsi stressed that these platforms have sadly become a safe space for everyone to practice violence against women without serious repercussions.

She further indicated that in recent years, Egypt has managed to make outstanding progress and issue legislation and decisions to ensure women’s protection from all forms of violence and discrimination.

Morsi emphasized the council’s role in combating violence against women in all its forms and its keenness to educate women about their rights, especially when exposed to any form of violence on the Internet.

She continued: We are also proud to encourage and support more female content makers and help improve their ability to develop their skills and display meaningful and beneficial content for women and society in general.

The National Council for Women team will also hold workshops for content makers on creating content that takes into account women’s needs and raises awareness about women’s empowerment and online violence against women and girls.

Moreover, the Council will join the “YouTube Trusted Flagger” program, through which it will directly report offensive contents that violate policies. The YouTube team specialized in reviewing content from around the world and making appropriate decisions, will prioritize this issue.

For their part, the Google team will present a series of training sessions called “IamRemarkable” that contribute to empowering women and celebrating their achievements.

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