National Council for Women: Establishment of 29 anti-violence units in Egyptian universities

The Rapporteur of the Committee on Arts and Literature of the National Council for Women, Dr Rania Yahya, revealed the number of 29 anti-violence units in Egyptian universities to reach a society free of all forms of violence, noting its important role in raising awareness of women’s issues to change wrong cultures.

This came during the “Annual Forum of Units Violence against Women in Egyptian Universities”, organized by the National Council for Women in cooperation with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), as part of the 16 Days of Activities to Eliminate Violence against Women, launched by the Council under the slogan “Kony” and lasting until December 10.

Dr Rania Yahya stressed the importance of activating the role of anti-violence units in universities to provide a safe educational environment, the need to hold joint awareness meetings between the Council and the units to exchange experiences and practices, and the importance of adopting women’s issues within university programs.

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