On the occasion Month of Women, the Cultural Development Fund Sector, headed by Dr. Hani Abu Al-Hassan, is holding an art exhibition entitled (Mobde’at) or “Creators”, in cooperation with the Cultural Production Affairs Sector today at 6:00 pm in the Adam Hanin Hall, in the Hanager Arts Center in the Opera Square, and it will run until March 22.

A large group of talented artists is participating in the exhibition, including Asma Mahmoud, Polish Isabella Achman, Lina Osama, Dina Anwar, Dina Samuel, Dina Madkour, Rania Ashraf, Rasha Al-Banna, Randa Fakhry, Reham Abu Al-Azm, Sarah Khair, Salma Al-Ashry, Salwa Hamdy, Abeer Fawzi, Lina Osama, Mennat Allah Muhammad Hassan, Mona Khalil, Najwa Madi, Nihad Saeed, Noha Elhamy, Nevine Imam, Nevin Nathan, Heba Arabia, and Hadeer Jamal.

Dr. Najat Farouk, Supervisor of the Fine Arts Department, was in charge of organizing and moderating the event.

The participating artists present 45 artworks, including various artworks, variating from oil painting, acrylic, pastel, ornamental art, and sculpture art, all of which express women with diverse visions and styles.

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