The Ministry of Military Production emphasized the importance of celebrating the influential role played by working women and their part in providing a generation that elevates the country and pushes it forward.

The Ministry’s remarks came during a meeting between Eng. Mahmoud Anwar Fawzi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Abu Qir Engineering Industries Company, and several female workers in the company from various sectors under the slogan “For Her”.

The meeting dealt with the difficulties faced by women at work while moving quickly to address and solve all the problems they go through following specialized rules and regulations.

Fawzi explained that as per the directives of Eng. Muhammad Salah al-Din Mustafa, Minister of State for Military Production, the state should be keen on recognizing the powerful role of working women, constantly encourage them, and praise their efforts in presenting great role models for the upcoming generation.

He went on to honor the female official and representative of the “Equal Opportunities Unit” in the company for reaching the legal retirement age.

It is worth noting that Abu Qir Engineering Industries is one of the companies affiliated with the Ministry of Military Production located in the Abu Qir area in Alexandria Governorate.

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