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Meet the Top Influential Female Figures in 2022

Today’s news portal revealed the most influential Egyptian women in 2022, focusing on the achievements of women.

Ms. Sarah Al-Batouti is among these personalities; she was appointed by the United Nations as a global ambassador for the “Race to Zero” and “Race to Resilience” initiatives on climate change.

Remarkably, Sarah Al-Batouti is an architect and environmental entrepreneur who won awards and nominations and gained international recognition. She also has a wide range of experiences and knowledge in the field of green buildings and sustainable development.

El-Batouti was selected among the 50 most influential women in Egypt. Furthermore, she is the first Egyptian and Arab woman to receive the “Ashden Partner” award, as well as the “UNSDG Vital Voices” award for the year 2020, and was nominated for the distinguished international “EarthShot” award.


Egypt’s Samar Hamza deserved a place on this list too, after she qualified for the final of the World Championship for Adults, won first place in the world rankings, and was the first Egyptian to make history in the World Wrestling Championship competitions in Serbia, in the weight of 75 kg, and also the first Egyptian player to win the silver medal in the history of the World Wrestling Championship.


Securing another spot was hardworking Egyptian Captain Sarah Hassanein, the coach of the Abu Dhabi team, who made it to the UAE League Championship, and joined the list of team coaches, in the Capitano Egypt program.


Furthermore, for the first time in Egypt’s history of military production, engineer Dina Abdel Moneim was appointed as the chairperson of the board of directors of the first ammunition production factory in Egypt in 1954, headed by an Egyptian engineer. And also the appointment of the media, Dina Abdel-Fattah, as the first woman to join the United Media Services Department.


Also on the list is Egyptian Mezzo-soprano, Farah al-Dibani, the daughter of Alexandria. Her voice is considered one of the highest quality in opera singing worldwide. Farah recently dazzled the world by singing the French national anthem at the inauguration ceremony of French President Emmanuel Macron in April 2022, and at the FIFA World Cup.


Additionally, she phenomenally opened the She Arts Festival in its second session with a women’s orchestra led by Magdalena Klein and violinist Magda Makowska, and she participated in the COP27 climate conference with her distinctive and charming voice.


Hoda Mansour, General Manager of Smart Digital Transformation in SAP for Southern Europe, Middle East, and Africa region, and Reem Asaad, Vice President of an international company, both were selected among the 50 most powerful business women in the Middle East 2022 in the Forbes list of the five most influential women in technology in the Middle East.


Last but not least, the female role models that graced Egypt, squash champion Nouran Gohar, who won and won the US Open Squash Championship for the third time in a row, and let’s not forget Mayar Sherif, the first Egyptian athlete to win a professional tennis tournament, and her victory in the Parma Women’s Open Championship.



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