Extra News channel presented the success story of the two female Egyptian researchers, Sarah Hajji and Dalia Sheta, who brought worldwide honor and pride to the Egyptian state in the cancer treatment field.

Dr. Sarah Hajji, who won the best research on cancer award in Germany, said that she studied at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Mansoura University, and was later appointed a teaching assistant.

She told Extra News channel: My mother died of cancer, and after her death, I had the will to conduct scientific research on this ominous disease.

Hajji continued: My dream was to complete my studies abroad and work in scientific research, especially in the field of cancer and everything related to it.

She added: I started my project with a fungal infection that affects the lungs of immuno-compromised and cancer patients.

On the other hand, Dr. Dalia Sheta, recipient of the award for best research projects for cancer patients in the United States, said that she initially wanted to enroll in medical school, but then one of her relatives died of cancer, so she joined the German University in Cairo and obtained a master’s degree in cancer sciences.

She expressed that her research was a major breakthrough that earned her a scholarship to continue her research on cancer abroad.

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