Maya Morsi praises the cooperation between women’s nationalists and the International Labor Organization

The President of the National Council for Women, Dr Maya Morsi, appreciated the existing cooperation between the Council and the International Labor Organization, saying, “It is a fruitful and successful partnership.”

This came during her handing over international accreditation certificates to accredited trainers for the Get Ahead Women Entrepreneurs Program, which aims to raise the capabilities of women, whether as trainers or as project owners, within the framework of cooperation between the Council and the International Labor Organization through a “decent work project for women in Egypt and Tunisia.”

She said, “The certified trainers have faith in the cause and in the message, they present, and they are making extraordinary efforts for a better life for all women in the different governorates.”

She added that what causes most pride and happiness is seeing the clear change among individuals, whether trainers or trainees, and we still expect a lot from them in order to make a change for the better among women in society.

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