President of the National Council for Women (NCW), Dr. Maya Morsi met with Linka Mihalikova, Slovakia’s ambassador in Cairo, to discuss ways of cooperation between both countries and learn about the Council’s efforts in the field of women’s empowerment.

Dr. Maya Morsi welcomed the Ambassador of Slovakia on her first visit to the Council, reviewing the most important files that the Council is currently working on, particularly the ones focused on the economic empowerment of women and increasing women’s participation in the labor market.

Morsi also referred to the door-knocking campaigns implemented by the NCW in various governorates of the Republic to educate women on all issues, highlighting the Council’s cooperation with civil society organizations through the Non-Civil Organizations Forum, which includes a large number of civil society organizations dedicated to women.

The president explained that there is great progress in Egypt in the field of developing legislation and policies that support the rights of Egyptian women, in addition to breaking the glass barriers in women’s access to many leadership positions.

For her part, Lenka Mihalikova expressed her happiness with the progress in the file concerning empowering Egyptian women and the efforts made by the Council to advance this important file, pointing out that women in Slovakia have reached the highest positions, including the presidency of the Slovak Republic.

She stressed the importance of exchanging expertise and experiences between Egypt and Slovakia in the field of eliminating violence against women, urging the necessity to educate women on how to react in certain situations, and the means they can resort to in case they are exposed to any form of violence.

The Council is also working on eliminating violence against women in all its forms, as per the NCW President. She noted that violence against women is a global problem and a challenge that needs unity and exchanged expertise and experiences to be able to confront this problem, pointing to the presence of the Women’s Complaints Office in the Council to receive complaints of violence against women and provide legal and psychological advice to women.

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