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Maya Morsi Congratulates Ambassadors of New Diplomatic Movement

Head of the National Council for Women, Dr. Maya Morsi, extended her sincerest congratulations to all the female ambassadors who were accredited to the new diplomatic movement for 2023.

Morsi expressed her pride and joy with the representation of women in the new diplomatic movement, which will contribute to increasing the percentage of women’s representation in the Egyptian diplomatic corps.

The head of the Council also praised Ambassador Nada Deraz, a member of the Council, for her appointment as the Consulate of Egypt to Chicago within the new diplomatic movement and wished her continued success, along with all female ambassadors for the new diplomatic movement.

Moreover, she voiced her appreciation to Ambassador Sameh Shoukry, Minister of Foreign Affairs, for his keenness to support women’s empowerment, following the Egyptian political leadership approach.

Notably, the new diplomatic movement for the year 2023 also witnessed the appointment of Ambassador Ibtisam Rakha as the Egyptian ambassador to Kazakhstan, Ambassador Reham Khalil as the Egyptian ambassador to Manama, Ambassador Abeer Alamuddin as the Egyptian ambassador to Mauritius, Ambassador May Khalil as the Egyptian ambassador to Brasilia, and Ambassador Amira Abdel Rahim as the Egyptian ambassador to Burundi, Ambassador Heba Sayedhom, Consul General of Egypt to Rio de Janeiro, Ambassador Rajaa Al-Wakil, Egyptian ambassador to Benin, Ambassador Nermin Al-Zawahiri, Egyptian ambassador to Kigali, Ambassador Hala Youssef, Egyptian ambassador to Bangkok, Ambassador Nevin Al-Husseini, Egyptian ambassador to Angola.


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