Mashrabia Gallery Prepares for the 7th Edition of the All-Women Exhibition, My Favorite Things

by nevine

The all-women exhibition “My Favorite Things” is currently getting ready to host its 7th edition, scheduled to take place at the Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art in downtown Cairo. The exhibition is going to showcase the artwork of 20 female artists.

The hosting gallery stated that the exhibition’s main goal is to ensure a permanent and safe space for talented women to freely express themselves through their art and celebrate their originality, innovative ideas, and high-quality art.

The exhibition that supported female artists continued to show success and introduced more and more talents and artwork each run until it became an annual event that sponsors promising talents among Egyptian women.

My Favorite Things initially launched in 2016, and its first run participation was limited to three female participants. The all-women exhibition dominated the season and showed a highly-promising future.

The following year witnessed the second edition of the exhibition, which featured four female artists who presented a combination of paintings, drawings, and graphic design.

In 2018, the third edition hosted another four talented artists; only that time, they followed an upcycled theme. The artists created a landscape of a city and forest using upcycled materials, including cardboard, paper, wood, and glass.

By 2020, My Favorite Things has already gained a lot of fame and success among female artists and viewers. As a result of that fame, the fifth edition hosted no less than 19 artists who displayed their marvelous artwork in the form of paintings, collages, drawings, and other installations.

As for this year’s seventh edition, 20 female artists will join the all-women exhibition, including many first-time participants and a large sum of contemporary artwork.

The Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary art, located at 15 Mahmoud Bassiouny Street, Downtown Cairo, will host the exhibition event on January 15. This year’s edition will include a wide selection of artwork, with no restriction on themes whatsoever.


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