Manufacturers Who Increase Recyclable Inputs to be Granted “Green Verification Mark”

by Asmaa Elwahy

Manufacturers who increase recyclable inputs to be granted ‘green verification mark’: Egypt’s law

According to Egypt Today, Egyptian law concerned with waste management aims to eliminate the problem of garbage and waste that has long been bothering the Egyptian street, by establishing an apparatus concerned with organizing and managing waste.


This apparatus will follow up on and monitor all waste management operations at the central and local levels, as well as set up a system for the final elimination of industrial pollution through a waste disposal strategy.


The law requires the establishment of a system to encourage manufacturers to increase the percentage of recyclable inputs and reduce the generation of industrial waste by developing a green verification mark that is granted to those who follow the system.


According to Article 52 of the law, the Waste Management Regulatory Authority, in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, sets up a “green verification mark” system to motivate manufacturers to increase the percentage of recyclable inputs and reduce the generation of industrial waste.


According to the executive regulations, the facility applies to the agency for the green verification mark, and priority is given to manufacturers who redesign the product so that it is fully or partially recyclable without compromising the final product specifications.


The requirements are represented in the least dangerous materials used in manufacturing so that they are not harmful to human health or the environment such as harmful chemicals and others, and the rationalization of the use of hazardous materials and natural resources such as water and electricity, that the design of products be smart and lead to a reduction in industrial waste generated, and that they are interchangeable.

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