In July 2022, Dina Yehia became the first person of Greek Egyptian descent to sit on the Supreme Court of New South Wales.  However, it was challenging for her as “As a woman and an immigrant”.

Justice Yehia was seven-years-old when her family arrived in Australia from Egypt and didn’t speak any English. Since then, Justice Yehia, who is of Greek-Egyptian descent, has done a lot of fitting into an entirely new different ethnic and cultural background.” I was very fortunate that I always had some supportive mentors from the very beginning.”, Dina stated.

“Diversity on the bench,” she had stated then, “is an essential component of a fair and impartial judiciary. She was one of the 10 female judges who joined their ranks in the Supreme Court over the past eight years

She got her start as a defense attorney for the Western Aboriginal Legal Service in 1989, where she represented thousands of Indigenous clients. In 1999 she became a public defender and was appointed the first female Deputy Senior Public Defender in 2013. As judge to the District Court, a role she assumed in May 2014, she pushed for the Walama List.

“It wasn’t easy but I think I’m very privileged to have been given these opportunities,” she said.

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