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Kat Norton: A Tik Toker Millionaire Working 4 Hours a Day

CNBC Arabia has just published a report about a girl who became a millionaire despite working only 4 hours a day from home. The report was titled “A girl works 4 hours a day and earns two million dollars a year…How did she do it?”

According to the report published today, Thursday, Kat Norton, a girl in her third decade, managed to become a millionaire, despite working only four hours a day. Norton said that teaching the Excel program on Tik Tok was her gateway to getting out of the corporate world into the entrepreneurial world.

Norton broadcasted her first video on her “Miss Excel” account in June 2020, as she was living in her parents’ house and struggling to pay off her school debts. Within weeks of posting the video, it went viral and gained her 100,000 followers.

By November, the young millionaire began selling an online Excel course through her site. Two months in, her passive income exceeded her monthly salary as a full-time management consultant.

In January of 2021, Norton quit her job to become a full-time entrepreneur, founded nine more teaching courses to teach different professional skills, and became the owner of “Miss Excel”; comes October 2021, she earned $100,000 in sales in just one day.

Now that Norton is 29 years old and has a company that generates more than $2 million in profits annually, Norton told CNBC that the best part of her job is that it is only 4 hours a day.

She also mentioned that she was able, through her company, to buy a dream home in Arizona with the money she earned. Moreover, she has gone on seven trips this year.

Her three main pieces of advice are to prioritize your personal health in the morning, Work 3 to 4 hours a day, and finally spend the evenings doing what you love and learning new things.



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