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International Oncology: Immunotherapy Cure rate of Breast Tumors Reaches 85%

President of the International Society of Oncology and Professor of Oncology at the Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams, Dr. Hesham El Ghazaly announced that the cure rates for breast tumors increased to 85% using “Triple-negative Immunotherapy” for treating cancer before surgery.

In a press conference on Tuesday, Jan. 17, the professor announced the fifteenth International Conference on Breast and Women’s Tumors and Immunotherapy of Tumors held on Thursday, Jan. 19, and will last for two days.

The conference will discuss the new scientific breakthrough in discovering the genetic defect or cancerous cell through a blood sample. El Ghazaly highlighted the scientific importance of this analysis given that it is sometimes difficult to obtain a pathological sample when the tumor recurs, while that sample and its analysis are of great importance to determine the treatment plan.

The new research has confirmed the ability of young women under forty who suffer from breast tumors to have children through drugs that preserve eggs besides being able to breastfeed their children from the mastectomy is part of it.

El Ghazaly indicated that this year the conference will receive more than 200 research papers, discuss new treatments in lung tumors during 250 scientific lectures, and detail the treatment plan according to the tumor response rates to pre-operative treatment, which increases the cure rates to more than 90%.

He pointed out that the conference includes 15 workshops on 15 specializations in the field of treatment and surgery of breast and women tumors.

He also mentioned that an African alliance will be established between African associations and bodies working in the field of oncology, representing about 15 African countries in the field of diagnosis and treatment of tumors and bioinformatics.

El Ghazaly stated that there are technological developments in radiotherapy using flash technology, which dispenses with giving doses of radiotherapy in a very short period of time over a larger area that leads to the disappearance of tumors without affecting the surrounding cells.

In the field of lung cancer, new targeted drugs will be announced to help eliminate mutation-positive lung cancer, the Oncology professor stressed.

El Ghazaly finally expressed his pride in establishing an alliance between cancer biobanks in Egypt, which includes the Ain Shams Medical Center, the National Cancer Institute, and the National Research Center, to maximize the ability to detect genetic defects and drug discovery.


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