The Facility Investing for Employment (IFE) signed 2 grant agreements with Ghabbour Foundation for Development (DARA’s Ice Cream in support of the Electric Vehicles (EV) industry and the Dutch Ice Cream Company (DARA’s Ice Cream) to support their production expansion, according to the “Zawya” website.

Through these agreements, the initiative aims to create 1200 new job opportunities and improve working conditions and/or incomes of the existing jobs.

It also aims to remove barriers to the creation of additional and better jobs in the private sector.

During the signing ceremony, Mr. Rauf Khalaf, Managing Director at the Facility Investing for Employment, said: “IFE seeks to provide the necessary support fostering/reinforcing various industries, through creating more job opportunities in the EV and food & beverage sectors. Under the agreements, the facility grants approximately €6.5M to Ghabbour Foundation for Development and the Dutch Ice Cream Company (DARA’s Ice Cream) towards that end.”

“On the other hand, the agreement with the Dutch Ice Cream Company (DARA’s Ice Cream) targets creating almost 700 new good jobs, alongside improving the working conditions of 108 employees in the company’s different departments, as well as participating in vocational education and qualifications. It also aims to help the company’s suppliers and farmers grow their businesses.


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