IDSC: 43% of Egyptians have ATM cards

by nevine

A survey – conducted by the Cabinet’s Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC) – on the Egyptians’ vision of digital transformation showed that 43 percent of Egyptians have ATM cards.

Citizens aging 18 years old and older in various governorates represented the sample for the survey.

The survey showed that those aging 50 years and older represented the highest number of those having ATM cards.

The survey was conducted within the framework of the Egyptian government’s keenness on building digital Egypt and encouraging Egyptians to deal digitally with all walks of life.

The government has worked on developing the IT infrastructure and improving digital services in government bodies.

As for the number of people knowing about the Digital Egypt platform, the number of the platform users rose to 30.6 percent against 24.4 percent in November 2021.

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