iCareer Launches FEMpower Summit Powered by UKAID and ILO

by nevine

iCareer announces for the first time, launching FEMpower Summit to shed light on women in the workplace, with a special focus on male-dominated careers including technology, sales, engineering, and supply chain.

The event took place on Friday, March 17, 2023, powered by UKAID, International Labor Organization (ILO), and in partnerships with the UN WOMEN, Egyptian German Center for Jobs, Migration and Reintegration (EGC) with the presence of 2000+ attendees, among 20+ companies from different industries and sectors, in addition to, 100+ speakers, mentors, and career coaches.

The summit gathered female experts in the aforementioned fields to share their professional experience and discuss the workplace from women’s viewpoint.

iCareer organizes this summit among various programs and events that guide people to learn about the job market to become more employable.

The event aims to introduce young women to the required skills to step into the job market and get futuristic jobs in a time where the workplace witnesses unprecedented changes that call for consistent development of skills, whether after graduation or during the senior year.

Akram Marwan, the Founder, and CEO of iCareer, stated that: Women represent only 38% in the fields of science and technology in Egypt. At iCareer, we plan to boost the skills of Egyptian females through comprehensive training and capacity building aiming at bridging the gap between males and females across different fields.

His decision of holding the event in March originated from it being Women’s Month. During this month, iCareer aims to support women and girls in the educational and employment fields.

Marwan highlighted that leveraging the skills of young females will only have a positive impact on the Egyptian economy, during times where the country and the world need to collaborate across different fields to achieve sustainable economic development.

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