Health Ministry Announced Treatment Map of Cancerous Tumors

by Asmaa Elwahy

Health Ministry Announced Treatment Map of Cancerous Tumors

The Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population revealed a map of the treatment of cancerous tumors for adults and children, stressing that early detection contributes to the rapid treatment of the disease.


Dr. Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, the spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Population, said that the number of oncology centers affiliated with the ministry has been increased to support evidence-based medical practice in the oncology file, which is reflected in the increased recovery rates and the improving level of services provided to patients.


The spokesperson for Health Ministry said that the state seeks to build an integrated national strategy to combat and treat tumors within the priorities of health files, by reducing death rates as a result of non-communicable diseases, including cancer, and to achieve the vision of “Egypt 2030”.


It is worth noting that lung cancer ranked first in 2020 with 1.8 million deaths, which is equivalent to 18 percent of all deaths due to cancer, followed by colon cancer at -9.4 percent, liver cancer at -8.3 percent, stomach cancer at -7.7 percent, and female breast cancer -6.9 percent.

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