National Council for Women is Strategic Partner for 3rd Edition of Egyptian Women’s Summit on March 3rd

Dr. Maya Morsi: Egypt draws up a new phase in supporting women to create a more inspiring model at the continental level in Africa

by Mona Yousef

The National Council for Women will participate in the events of the third edition of the Egyptian Women’s Summit on March 3rd and 4th. Top 50 Women Forum organizes the summit in partnership with the NCW and the European Union, under the auspices of Egypt’s Prime Minister, Dr. Mostafa Madbouly. The summit aims to enhance communication with the professional women’s community and build extensive partnerships that enhance the role of Egyptian women in all areas related to social and economic development.


The summit, titled “A 360  Guide Towards Woman’s Prosperous Life,” is co-organized by the National Council for Women and the Top 50 Women Forum to directly contribute to developing a positive dialogue between participating women from different generations, building global best practices related to policies that support achieving gender balance, improving women’s leadership capabilities, and enhancing their potential in the labor market. The summit will take place within the scope of the National Strategy for Empowering Egyptian Women 2030. 


NCW will actively participate in the summit, highlighting its past achievements in empowering women and introducing job opportunities, qualifications, and training provided in collaboration with development partners. Furthermore, the Council will also present a package of programs and initiatives provided by the state to build the capacities of Egyptian women, qualifying them for more active participation in development efforts and leadership positions, to reduce the gender gap.

In this context, Dr. Maya Morsi, President of the National Council for Women, affirmed that the Egyptian Women’s Summit is one of the regional mega events that harness the role of professional women in various sectors, as part of the comprehensive strategy of the Council to empower women and enhance their professional participation and roles in different areas of life, to promote sustainable development and serve the goals of the Egyptian state in building a better future based on comprehensive social justice and increasing women’s representation.


She added that Egyptian women have achieved many accomplishments during the past period within the framework of the supportive role of political leadership in preserving women’s gains and their role in various sectors. This enhances the dialogue paths within the summit to continue empowering women, enhancing their societal and economic influence, achieving their specific goals in their professional lives, and transferring their experiences to the new generations. She pointed out that the Egyptian state is preparing for a new phase in which all the necessary resources are optimized to support Egyptian women locally, regionally, and internationally, and to create an inspiring model at the level of the African continent.


Dr. Maya Morsi also pointed out that the summit witnesses a great diversity in its events, as it will level up inspiration and ambition among the new generations by introducing them to leading women figures and historical personalities who have influenced various aspects of Egyptian public life. It also provides a comprehensive platform for rich discussions that bring together experts, influential decision-makers in the government and private sectors, and representatives of non-governmental organizations to discuss ways to enhance women’s contribution in various fields. This is achieved by providing an exceptional space for exchanging experiences and learning about the best global practices, proposing and adopting recommendations through open discussions and interactive workshops.


The summit aims to empower change and build women’s capacities in their professional and social lives, and to exchange effective perspectives on how to keep up the community’s progress towards gender equality and increasing the number of women in leadership positions. It also aims to establish real connections among women in key sectors to address the major challenges facing professional women through the power of participation and communication based on work and commitment. It ensures the provision of the necessary financing and qualifications to enhance women’s achievements and affirm their role in accelerating development goals.


Through its various events, the summit enhances the creation of sustainable communication networks among women in all fields to enhance levels of inspiration for the new generations to achieve their own experiences and reach unprecedented levels of success. This is achieved by launching the first edition of the exhibition “Great Women of Egypt” in collaboration with the European Union, which documents the journey of the Egyptian women’s renaissance throughout the ages and contains the largest illustrated encyclopedia of the most important Egyptian women figures who have achieved record-breaking successes in various fields and left their names engraved in the memory and future of the nation. This nourishes the spirit of belonging and positivity in the new generations who are seeking success and excellence.

The summit also witnesses the launch of the “First Employment Forum – Empowering Women for Empowering Egypt,” which enhances the exploration of job opportunities suitable for women and provides employment opportunities for graduates and training opportunities for students. This step is taken in cooperation with development partners to create a positive atmosphere in the forum. In addition, workshops will guide participants towards making informed career decisions, which will open up new development horizons for competitive capabilities and prepare them for professional life. Each participating institution will be offered a pavilion to provide information to the participating girls and engage in direct dialogues with job seekers, providing career advice through interactive sessions.


The event includes several activities and panel discussions on enhancing professional growth opportunities and guidance for women in various sectors. It focuses on entrepreneurship, leadership, public relations, finance, and excelling in professional life, as well as strategic planning and leadership skills. It also emphasizes enhancing communication skills to join suitable jobs.


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Top 50 Women Forum is the first platform in Egypt to work exclusively on empowering women professionals, with the purpose of strengthening their contribution development & decision-making processes.

Top 50 Women Forum is the first platform in Egypt to work exclusively on empowering women professionals, with the purpose of strengthening their contribution development & decision-making processes.