Engy Al-Yamany: We Empower Women in All Fields

by nevine

Director of the Financial Inclusion Program at the National Council for Women, Dr. Engy Al-Yamany stated that the work carried out by the Council shows the most prominent of what the Council presented during 2022, which is the issuance of identity papers for unable females in the villages.

It focused on areas of family development and decent life, in addition to a training and rehabilitation program to raise the capabilities of women in leadership positions.

She added that during a telephone interview with Extra News channel, there are 15 interventions in economic empowerment, the most notable of which was the financial and digital inclusion program, especially for village women.

Al-Yamany indicated that local teams have been rehabilitated in the targeted governorates, starting with a male or female supervisor at the governorate level. Moreover, they qualify a team within the villages to be the mechanisms of change and invest in them so that they can transfer investment from the tools of financial education, economic and social empowerment, entrepreneurship, and women’s liberation in all fields. In her phone call, she also stressed that Egypt and all ministries are partners in the Climate Conference event in Sharm El-Sheikh. Furthermore, a day will be allocated for women, explaining that the Council participated in smart green projects.

She mentioned that the Council is making a huge effort to participate in the best projects among the 6 projects included in the Sharm El-Sheikh Climate Conference.

Earlier, Dr. Engy Al-Yamany highlighted the Council’s work in developing village women’s capabilities and providing them with opportunities commensurate with their circumstances and needs, through which they can obtain job opportunities just like other men and women.


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