El-Sisi honors prominent models in volunteer work

by nevine

During the conference of the National Alliance for Civil Action on Monday, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi honored examples of participants in volunteer work.

Among the honorable models was the late Anisa Hassouna; receiving the award was her husband, Dr. Sherif Naji.

The conference of the National Alliance for Civil Development Work is a vital pillar in the development process in the country and a supporter of the social protection network system.

It integrates its work with the efforts of the government and the private sector so that the three sectors work in harmony to achieve community development and service activities for the benefit of citizens throughout the governorates of Egypt.

The institutions of Civil society include trained and qualified administrative and field cadres with the ability to provide services quickly and with high efficiency, in addition to reaching families and targeting groups and providing them with community services in various axes.


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