1. Egypt’s Senate recommends reviewing women’s image in educational curricula, removing forms of discrimination

According to Egypt today, the Egyptian Senate Committee on Education and Scientific Research has issued a number of important recommendations concerning the portrayal of women in educational curricula, the most important of which is a review of educational curricula in order to make further progress in this area.

The committee recommended the removal of any form of discrimination against women, and that the review should not only apply to educational curricula and textbooks, but to all school activities, as well as documenting the efforts of the Ministry of Education and the Sheikh of Al-Azhar in developing curricula to support and present the image of women positively.

The recommendations included ensuring that the curricula include positive images of women in various scientific and creative fields, emphasizing the empowerment of women rather than the stereotypical image of marginalized women.

The committee discussed how society’s culture still supports stereotypes of women based on norms, customs, and traditions, many of which have already changed on the ground, but society still adopts and maintains them.

The political leadership paid great attention to women and gave them rights and gains that they did not have before, which must find an echo of the state’s endeavor to empower women in the educational curricula, especially since this image will not only reflect positively on society’s future vision for women but also will have the greatest impact internationally in raising Egypt’s global ranking in this field.

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