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Egypt’s Law Punishes Lack of Accessibility for Challenged Persons at Schools, Work

Egypt’s Law Punishes Lack of Accessibility for Challenged Persons at Schools, Work


According to Egypt Today, The Egyptian Law of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities punishes by prison those who are involved in the lack of accessibility for challenged persons at schools or work.


The law states that “the crimes stipulated in the following articles shall be punished with the penalties prescribed for them, without prejudice to any harsher penalty stipulated in any other law.”


According to Article 46, a person or child with a disability is considered to be at risk in any situation that threatens respect for his dignity and autonomy and is discriminated against based on disability, in the following cases:


– If the person’s security, morals, health, or life are endangered.

– If a person with a disability is imprisoned or isolated from society without a legal basis, or refrained from medical, rehabilitative, community, or legal care.

– If a disabled person is beaten or abused in placement and rehabilitation homes, nurseries, and educational institutions, or if children are sexually assaulted, harmed, threatened, or exploited.

– If a person with a disability has undergone therapeutic methods or medical experiments that could harm him, as a person or a child, without the support of the law.

– If children or persons with disabilities were distributed to classes on the upper floors of public or private schools without providing access and preparation for their special circumstances.

– If children with disabilities were not provided with necessary treatment or necessary food for children with mental disabilities, especially in cases of metabolism issues.

– Failure to provide spatial, security, and guidance facilities for persons with disabilities in their workplaces, exposing them to violence, humiliation, humiliation, or hatred, and inciting any of that.

– Placing persons with disabilities in special institutions to get rid of them because they are persons with disabilities in cases other than those that require such placement.


Whoever exposes a person with a disability to one of the dangerous situations listed in Article 46 of this law faces imprisonment for no less than six months and a fine of no less than 5,000 pounds and no more than 50,000 pounds, or one of these two penalties.


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