Egypt’s Grand Mufti: The Egyptian State Made Great Strides in Liberating Women

by nevine

Dr. Shawky Allam, the Grand Mufti of Egypt, said that Islam honors women and enforces equality between men and women, in terms of rights, duties, and legal costs, quoting a noble verse from Qur’an to prove his words.

He added, during the episode of the “Hadith of the Mufti” program, broadcast on “Al-Nas” satellite channel: The Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, also honored women and placed them in a high status, as Muhammad, peace be upon him, said: Women are sisters of men, they share their responsibility with them, and each is responsible for his subjects.

The Mufti cited another Hadith, saying: The Imam is a shepherd and is responsible for his subjects, the man is a shepherd in his household and is responsible for his subjects, the woman is a shepherd over her husband’s house and his children and is responsible for her subjects, the child is a shepherd in his father’s money and is responsible for his subjects, and the servant is a shepherd in the money of his master and is responsible for his subjects.

He continued: The importance of the woman’s role in society is evident in her being the mother, sister, wife, and daughter, as she represents half of society, and in her being the mother who raises and educates children, society relies on her in building a responsible generation that honors their duty towards their faith and homeland.

Throughout different ages Muslim women left no unexplored field of work; they dominated all fields and achieved great success in all of them, including her participation in wars such as Nusseibeh bint Ka’b, who participated in the Battle of Uhud and was praised by the Prophet himself.

The Grand Mufti further explained: The presence of wise Muslim women has become one of the most important necessities, as they have a major role in the advancement of the country, and the new republic has realized the vital role of Egyptian women in all aspects of life and has made great strides in the path of advancing women in all fields.

He lauded the 2014 constitution, which paid attention to women’s issues for the first time by including 20 articles addressing women, guaranteeing them opportunities and equality with men in all political, social, and economic rights.

It is worth noting that during the month of Ramadan, “Al-Nas” channel broadcasts, via frequency 12054, several programs for women and children and other religious, youth, and cultural programs covering all areas of life.


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