Egyptians to access electricity services via an app as the ministry finalizes a unified platform


According to Egypt Today, The Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy has been working to provide diverse services to citizens using the one-stop-shop system, and a unified visual identity for all Customer service centers branches.


During this time, the ministry has completed the activation of all 25 sector services via the unified platform for electronic electricity services, as well as the completion of 80 percent of customer service centers.


An official source at the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy revealed that there are some citizens who are still unable to obtain services electronically, and the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company has developed a plan to develop all customer service centers throughout the Republic that bear the same logo and unified color.


The source said, the total number of customer service centers affiliated with the Electricity Holding Company and its subsidiaries is 460, pointing out that the development of these centers has been completed by more than 80% so that services are available in them with the same fees set on the unified platform for electronic electricity services.


According to the source, development work in customer service centers includes the allocation of outlets for the elderly and people of determination, as well as training a large number of customer service employees to deal with people of determination and the use of sign language to assist them in obtaining the required service.



Dr. Ayman Hamza, spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy, for his part, stated that the ministry was successful in fully implementing its digital transformation plan, after launching the unified electronic platform for electricity services to prevent final friction between citizens and employees and for all transactions to be electronic, revealing that the goal of digital transformation is to eliminate all forms of financial and administrative corruption in the sector.


Hamza explained that electronic dealings between citizens and electricity companies include all services, not just paying electricity bills or submitting complaints.


Following the implementation of this plan, Hamza stated that there is now a single electronic window to deal with citizens in all of the services provided by the ministry at the level of the Republic, emphasizing that this idea will eliminate all forms of corruption, whether technical or administrative, within the electricity sector, as well as the unified platform through which applications can be submitted.

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