Forbes Middle East recently released its annual list of the 100 most powerful businesswomen for 2023, ranking the female leaders championing business success in the Middle East and beyond.

This year’s ranking acknowledges female business heroes from 27 different countries across 27 sectors. Emirati and Egyptian women top the 2023 list, with 15 and 12 entries, respectively, closely followed by Saudi with 11 listees, Kuwait with 8, and Lebanon, Oman, and Qatar with 6 each.

The 12 Egyptian entries on the list include: Dalia El-Baz, Pakinam Kafafi, Rawya Mansour, Reem Asaad, Hend El Shirbini, Farida & Yasmine Khamis, Mona Zulficar, Hoda Mansour, Elham Mahfouz, Hilda Louca, Omnia Kelig, and Abir Leheta and Abeer Helmy Saleh.

The famous magazine ranked the female leaders according to achievements, size of the business, individual’s impact, performance over the last year, and the scope of CSR and other initiatives led by the person.

Notably, leaders working in the banking and financial services make up 23 of the 100 listees of this year. Diversified conglomerates and the investments industry come after with 11 and 8 women, respectively.

Most businesswomen on this year’s ranking stress the significant role of education and empowerment initiatives.

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