The Red Sea Governorate, in coordination with the Directorate of Social Solidarity, the Chamber of Commerce, the National Council for Women, and Our Heritage Association, announced the extension of the Egyptian Hands exhibition held in the tourist walkway until February 6, due to high demand.

The Chamber of Commerce in the Red Sea Governorate participated in the exhibition, headed by Khaled Reda, Anthony Salah, the chamber’s representative, Dr. Ethar Badawi, head of the Businesswomen’s Committee, and Abeer Essa, the committee’s organizer.

Over 94 exhibitors from different cities of the governorate (Halayeb, Shalateen, Ras Ghareb, Hurghada and marketing families) are participating in the exhibition. It includes many products such as handmade bags, accessories, decorations, carpets, drawings and skin care products.

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