Earlier today, the National Council for Women in Sharkia Governorate, chaired by Dr. Aida Attia, the branch’s rapporteur, and supervised by Dr. Maya Morsi, head of the Council, held an awareness seminar in Misr Public Library in Zagazig, on manifestations of violence against women and reviewed the branch’s efforts to protect women from all forms of violence.

“Bein Bahrain” or “Between Two Seas” revolves around a short visit by Zahra to her town in a suburb of Cairo, during which her daughter suffers a tragic accident.

The film aims to educate men and women about the various issues discussed within the film, such as violence against women and female genital mutilation, as part of the 16-day campaign of activism to eliminate violence against women.

The government of Japan and the United States Agency for International Development both helped in the film’s production process.

Notably, the movie is considered the first feature film product of the joint cooperation between the NCW and the UN Women’s Organization, in their belief in the transformative role of cinema in changing the negative culture towards women in different societies.

Furthermore, the Council’s branch in Sharkia educated 85,105 women in the five villages that export the most illegal immigration (Meet Jaber – Belbeis; Mit Suhail – Minya al-Qamh; Al-Gamaleya – Al-Husseiniya; Al-Mowansa and Manshaat Shalaby villages – Kafr Saqr) about consequences of the act.

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