Egyptian actress Amira Adeeb nabs Hollywood breakout role in Jeffrey Elmont’s ‘No Nation’

by Aya Salah Ed-din

Egyptian actress Amira Adeeb announced this week that she is set to star in the upcoming Hollywood film “No Nation,” directed by Jeffrey Elmont. 

The actress, who has starred in Egyptian TV hits such as “Naql Aam” and “Meet Gal?!,” took to Instagram to share the news with her followers.

“I’ve been sitting on this for six months and not a single person had a clue, not even my parents. I think I’m more proud of my big mouth for keeping this a secret than anything,” she wrote to her 1 million Instagram followers.

“So much to say and so many feelings to be felt but I’ll wait a bit and more details to come,” she teased. 

The story began when Jeffrey was shooting a documentary in Egypt and discovered that Amira spoke Spanish.

He invited her to audition for the new film, and she successfully secured a role. Amira’s recent work includes the series “Min Gal,” aired last Ramadan, alongside Ahmed Dash, Jamal Soliman, and Nadine, following her success in the series “Nekl Aam” opposite the renowned actor Mahmoud Hemida.

Amira gained significant fame on social media during the spread of the coronavirus, a period when she was studying acting in Los Angeles.

She returned to Egypt due to global lockdowns and flight suspensions, starting her drama career with the series “Wlad Nas” alongside Ahmed Wafik, Rania Farid Shawky, Sabry Fawwaz, Wafaa Sadek, and other emerging talents

She also participated in the series “Tahqeeq,” recently premiered on the Watch It platform, with Ahmed Malik, Hoda El-Mufti, Khaled Anwar, and a group of young faces.

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