EgyptAir celebrates Table Tennis Champion, Hana Goda

by nevine

 presented the Egyptian table tennis champion, Hana Goda, with the EgyptAir shield, during her return from the tournament aboard the Egyptian flight coming from Tunisia. The plane’s crew gleefully posed for memorial photos with Goda after congratulating her.

The national company celebrated her on its next flight from Tunisia for securing first place in the mixed doubles competitions under the age of 15 in the World Junior Table Tennis Championships, which was held in Tunisia from 4 to 11 December.

The Egyptian delegation participating in the World Junior Championships in Tunisia included 15 male and female players at the level of various competitions. The mission is headed by Counselor Essam Zidan, a member of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Table Tennis Federation (ETTF). The team is technically led by Sherif Diaa and Hisham Ismail, as coaches for the male and female juniors, respectively.

The player, Hana Goda, was able to defeat the doubles of Spain and Portugal in the final match, accompanied by her Kazakh colleague Alan Kurmangaliyev, with three clean runs, to become the first Egyptian to achieve first place in the mixed doubles competitions in Egypt’s history at the world championships.

Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, congratulated the player Hana Goda, predicting a great future for the champion, and indicated that she will make a history full of achievements in the sport of table tennis by earning titles in the various tournaments she is involved in. He also praised the board of directors of the Egyptian Table Tennis Federation, and its keenness to create the proper atmosphere around the national teams’ players in preparation for their participation in various tournaments.




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