Minister Ahmed Samir confirmed in a statement on Saturday, Feb. 4, that the Ministry of Trade and Industry is eager to benefit from the Korean Institute of Science and Technology’s (KIST) vast expertise in improving the Egyptian industry and preparing it for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

During a meeting with KIST’s project manager, Samir added that the ministry intends to make the most of the institute’s experience in transferring new technology to industries where Egypt has a competitive edge.

Rascha Ragheb, Executive Director of the National Training Academy, emphasized the importance of strengthening cooperation with KIST in the fields of modern technology and advanced applied research that serve the needs of the Egyptian industry and the requirements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

She noted that the organization was essential in launching South Korea’s industrial revolution by conducting applied technology research.

Furthermore, the ministry prioritizes strengthening collaboration frameworks with the Korean institute to link education outputs with industry needs, localize new technological disciplines such as artificial intelligence, meet the Egyptian industry’s demand for qualified scientific cadres, and provide scientific and innovative infrastructure to serve the sector.

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