On behalf of Dr. Mustafa Madbouli Prime Minister:

Minister of Environment Ministerial Coordinator and envoy of Climate Conference cop27 launches Youth Centre for Sustainability in collaboration with private sector on the margin of cop27

Dr. Yasmin Fouad: The center is an executive model to develop youth awareness of the mutual relationship between sustainability, development and combating climate change

On behalf of the Prime Minister, Dr. Yasmin Fouad, the Minister of Environment, Ministerial Coordinator and envoy of the cop27 Climate Conference Sustainability Center, Schneider Electric, on the sidelines of the cop27 climate conference held in Sharm El-Sheikh city in the presence of Major General Khaled Fouda, South Sinai Governor and team CAM To the Minister, Minister of Transport and Mr. Mark Barretti, French Ambassador and Engineer Khaled Abbas, Deputy Minister of Housing, CEO of the Capital New Management Company, and a number of representatives of businessmen, private sector, development partners and media.
The launch of the Sustainability Center confirms that the Egyptian state with all its equipment is given executive models to the world at all levels to address the effects of climate change, including Egyptian efforts to accelerate climate action through blood c and engaging the private and public sectors, the Egyptian government today offers this model to the sector The national private that is aware of its environmental responsibility and decided to start implementation, whether it is in the energy sector, and move to environmentally friendly energy, and provides the opportunity for training, raising awareness and companies to expand the base of knowledge among young people about the mutual relationship between sustainability, development and combating Climate change.
The Minister of Environment stressed that the Egyptian presidency has taken its responsibility in 2022 to make this conference implemented despite the global challenges that varied between the economic crisis, energy and chains, which added a challenge to the Egyptian government and political leadership to reassure the world Egypt can within 11 months of intensive work from Yes to give practical examples and that what is discussed at the conference is implemented on the ground to be the slogan of the conference and its reality together for implementation in cooperation with all partners from the government, experts, academics, private sector, civil society, youth and women for one goal Is addressing the effects of climate change.
She added that Egypt has also given a model to implement with transportation as all means of transportation in Sharm El Sheikh are environmentally friendly which makes us able to talk about the sustainability of transport on the 17th and this is a global initiative Egypt has started implementing.
The Minister of Environment praised the depth of French-Egyptian bilateral cooperation in all spheres, whether at the governmental level or the private sector, supported by the Egyptian and French Presidents, chaired by French President Macron, for the funding session as one of the most important sessions and issues of our work My brother, and to whom I had the honor of participating in it, he has all thanks and appreciation . The Minister of the Environment also expressed her sincere thanks to Schneider Electric Foundation for its efforts, and she expressed her sincere gratitude to Major General Khaled Fouda for his efforts to get out this statement and the Youth Forum for sustainability in a short period of time, which is a true Egyptian achievement.
I noted that the Centre will raise awareness on sustainability which will go along with the visit to the opening of the reserves to see the youth on the ground as an executive model to all raise a slogan together for implementation.

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