Cancer Screening Platform: “Vara” has started in Egypt


With the mission of making high-quality mammography and early detection more accessible to every single woman, the German company “Vara” is now expanding into Egypt.

Vara, the end-to-end platform for high-quality population-based cancer screening, has announced its official launch in Egypt with the first three network radiology centers in Mokattam, the 6th of October, and Heliopolis, according to “Digital Journal”.

These centers are part of their ambitious roll-out plan, with 20 centers to be added within the next 12 months.

The launch is facilitated in close cooperation with the healthcare business platform IHD Middle East and Africa.

Headquartered in Berlin, more than 40.000 women in the official German screening program are screened with Vara’s platform monthly. Furthermore, Vara has been collaborating with the most well-known institutions, including Cambridge University and Karolinska Institute. Earlier this year, Vara started the expansion of their offering into international markets such as Mexico, India, and now Egypt.

Globally, mammography screening is the proven gold standard to detect cancer early. This is precisely why awareness of screening matters and can create a significant difference for the whole population.

The Egyptian government and several institutions have also recognized this problem and launched an awareness and educational campaigns on the matter. A prime example of this is the Baheya Foundation with its large donation-based hospitals that screen several hundred women daily.

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