Amani El Torgoman: We Must Motivate Investors to Develop Touristic Areas

by Nada Khaled

Assistant Rapporteur of the Tourism Committee in the Economic Axis, Dr. Amani El Torgoman, said tourism is one of the most crucial drivers of economic growth, so Egypt must work hard to become the No.1 destination in the world.

Her remarks came in a speech during the first session of the discussion sessions of the Tourism Committee on the economic axis of the national dialogue, held on Tuesday, under the title “Drafting the Political Map of Egypt and its Attractions”.

She shared: We are seeking to put Egypt on the world’s tourism map, and we hope to achieve revenues from the tourism sector worth $30 bn and increase the capacity of tourist places. We must have a strategy to increase the tourist flow and plans for tourist areas and increase them.

El Torgoman pointed out that the private tourism sector must also participate with the state to increase the promotional plan for tourism to compete with neighboring countries, stressing the need to pay attention to the tourism awareness of the Egyptian citizen.

She further explained: During the sessions, we will discuss increasing the tourism product and interest in the tourist destination, as well as working on how to attract investors to work on developing tourist areas and contributing to their promotion, pointing out that the state must work on all means of attraction.


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