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Al-Qabaj discusses “The Impact of Climate Change on Children’s Quality of Life” in the presence of the European Union Ambassador and UNICEF Representative at the COP-27 Climate Change Summit session in Sharm El-Sheikh

Minister of Social Solidarity:

Children are from the most vulnerable categories to environmental risks. The state is working on developing supportive policies to protect them at all levels. And you go on building educational, health and protective policies to invest in and conserve resources for them in the future.

Egypt has achieved strongly in the field of social protection of children. It’s time to adopt environmental protection policies.. Adapting them and their families to the adverse effects of climate change.

We appreciate the efforts of UNICEF in developing an indicator to measure environmental effects on children. Hopefully this indicator will be used to prepare an annual report on ways to move forward on this.

National projects “Dignified Life”, “Suspicion”, and “Agricultural patch increase” are among the most important initiatives that address the issues of environmental health, green expansion and food security. We add to it, eco-friendly economic empowerment projects.

Minister of Social Solidarity, Mrs. Neveen Al-Qabaj participated in the session on “How Climate Change Impact on Children’s Quality of Life”, held in the Blue Region at the summit of the United Nations Framework Convention Parties on Climate Change “27-COP” in Bashram El-Sheikh, in the presence of Christian Burger Ambassador EU in Egypt and Jeremy Hopkins UN Representative For Childhood Egypt, Rabaloma Escodero, Director of UNICEF Global Communications and Advocacy Division and managed by the artist Ahmed Dash.

The session saw the presentation of two reports on “the impact of climate change on children’s quality of life”, to highlight current, future and connected risks faced by children, as UNICEF issued an indicator being applied in Egypt for the first time to monitor the situation of children in Egypt due to climate change, as provided A comparison between Egypt and the Middle East countries, and explores exposure levels And children’s vulnerability to climate change.

Forum members discussed environmental mechanisms for children and adults and adapting to current and future variables, as well as the importance of providing dedicated funding for child-friendly and environmentally friendly projects.

The report also calls for the adoption of policies and procedures that respond in a timely and effective manner to the challenges posed by climate change to child rights activists in Egypt, believing that environmental protection is a child’s and human rights right.

The Minister of Social Solidarity confirmed that Egypt is working on children’s rights from an integrated perspective, noting that Egypt has achieved strongly in the field of social protection of children, and it is time to adopt environmental protection policies, raising the adaptation of them and their families to the negative effects of climate change.

She added that the national projects “Generous Living”, “Suspicion” and “increasing the agricultural patch” are among the most important initiatives that address the issues of environmental health, green expansion and food security, added to them by eco-friendly economic empowerment projects.

The frontliners praised the UN-issued reports, which were reviewed at the session, in particular the indicator UNICEF developed to measure environmental impacts on children. We hope that the indicator will be used to prepare an annual report on ways to move forward on this matter. The covers have been asked to categorize the data to include children with disabilities, children in high-risk occupations exposed to environmental impacts, and the report needs to highlight the environmental impacts on girls in particular. We need to prepare a plan that includes these indicators and put in place prevention and other protection and adaptation strategies, determining responsibilities on partners either nationally or regionally.

The Minister of Social Solidarity clarified that children from the most categories are at environmental risk, citing the importance of the role of civil society in proposing environmental solutions in education to change behaviours, raise awareness, promote food insurance, and motivate volunteers to play an important role at this stage Affirming that environmental sanitation and environmental sustainability work are It is everyone’s responsibility, holding industries and businesses polluted to the environment responsible and therefore have a role in reducing these risks and funding social initiatives and prioritising them in funding policies.

Developed countries must comply with agreements made during the 26th UN climate change session to double adaptation funding to at least $40 billion annually by 2025, the minister concluded. By 2030 at least $300 billion annually, United Nations organizations at the 27th session of the UN Conference on Climate Change launch progress on loss and damage.


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