Ain Shams Hospital Successfully Completes Egypt’s First Whole-Lung Transplant

Ayman Tharwat, Professor of Anesthesiology and intensive care at Ain Sahms University announced in a statement issued on December 18, that the first Whole-lung transplant in Egypt was successfully completed at the university’s specialized hospital.

Preparations for surgery began two months prior to its completion, under the supervision of Japanese Experts who came specially to oversee the aforementioned procedure. Over twenty-five doctors and nurses took part in the critical operation that lasted for 15 hours, with anesthesiologists and surgeons simultaneously operating and switching positions across three operating rooms.

In his statement, Tharwat, who played a major role in executing and preparing for the most pivotal operation in the field of organ transplantation in Egypt pointed out that the donors are two brothers who agreed to donate parts of their lungs to save their sister, Sahar. The 28-year-old woman’s life was on the line after suffering from severe pulmonary and acute respiratory failure.

It is worth mentioning that Egypt has been promoting organ donations for a while now, and the success of this operation serves as a good sign in similar cases in the future. According to Ayman Thatrwat, the staff has gained extensive experience, he also praised Egypt’s progress in the organ transplant field.


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