Manal Mohie El Din Plays Arabic and Classical Music at the Opera

International harpist, Manal Mohie El Din will perform at a concert on the small stage at the Opera this evening at 8:00 p.m. She will play her distinguished Arabic and classical compositions on the harp, alongside other renowned musicians, including Hoda Abdel-Azim (flute), Rawan Sameh – Hossam El-Din Ezzat (violin), Emad Ibrahim (viola), Alaa El-Din Abdel Al-Rasheed (cello), Karim Wasef (contrabass), Hisham Kamal (percussion), Laila Ashraf – Amina El-Kossy (vocals).

The internationally acclaimed harpist grew up in an artistic family and began playing the harp at the age of ten. After that, she joined the Conservatoire and obtained a Bachelor’s degree with honors, which secured her a scholarship from the German Scientific Exchange Authority to study at the Academy of Arts and Music.

Manal is the first female harp player in the Cairo Symphony Orchestra in 1991. She is among the top 10 harpists all over the world and represented Egypt in many international forums. She was the first Egyptian player to play this instrument and she performed in El Sawy culture wheel, Cairo Opera house, and Qubit El Ghory; her concerts were a big hit.

Due to her national and international success, Manal has managed to build a large fan base. She currently plays with the famous musician Omar khairat and is a member of “The Nile Girls” band, besides having her band of 7 players.