The Syndicate of Banks launches the “No to violence…Yes to Construction” campaign

Solaf Darwish, Member of Parliament’s Manpower Committee, President of the General Union of Workers in Banking, Insurance and Financial Business announced the launch of a national campaign entitled (No to violence ….. Yes to Construction). The campaign aims to promote the issues of women working within economic work establishments, and includes all women in villages and cities, in order to confront all types of violence practiced against women and girls, who are essential partners in development and building the new republic.

In a statement at the “International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women”, Solaf stressed empowering them at work, providing all their living needs and integrated care in the fields of health, motherhood and childhood, and that the campaign contributes to meeting the needs of women of determination and people with disabilities.

The Council also unanimously condemned the European Parliament’s resolution on the human rights situation in Egypt, rejecting these false claims and fallacies that are far from the reality of economic and social stability that Egypt is experiencing within the framework of its respect for international rights and conventions approved by the United Nations.