Somabay Golf Courses Rank First in Egypt, 15th in Africa

Abu Soma Touristic Development Company (ASDC), Egypt’s leading tourism investment company and real estate developer ranked first among 24 golfing destinations in Egypt and 15th out of 505 venues in Africa, according to the Leading Courses website, earning a coveted place among the best golfing facilities in the world.

“The accolade is a tribute to the remarkable work by Somabay to create a bevy of 9-hole and 18-hole championship-quality golf courses, a golf course that includes the Hero Shot Challenge that urges golfers to play throughout the night, and footgolf across the region, and become a must-visit destination for any golfer looking to experience the best that Somabay has to offer,” CEO of Abu Soma Touristic Development Company, Ibrahim El-Missiri said. “With our well-maintained courses and meticulously groomed greens, Somabay’s beachfront courses have been the venue of top-tier tournaments like the Egyptian Amateur Golf Tournament, Nissan Golf Tournament, and the first round of the Strawberry Golf Tournament. This year, we were excited to raise the bar even higher, as we hosted the second Strawberry Golf Tournament.”

Around 130 amateur golf players managed to tee it up at Somabay golf courses between February 23rd to March 10th. Prizes were distributed among a total of fourteen winners, who made their way to the final stage on March 2nd and 9th.

In line with its strategy to keep its courses expertly positioned across both local and international golf destinations, Somabay continues to elevate its commitment to sustainability and goal to drive continual improvement across all aspects of the operation. Golf courses were grassed with Paspalum Platinum to blend the indigenous nature of Somabay with the intricacies of the sport, making it a gem for golf enthusiasts and nature lovers, while helping reduce the usage of water to keep every course in its impressive and expansive portfolio environmentally sustainable.

Additionally, Abu Soma Touristic Development Company (ASDC) established a 5MW “PV” solar plant to reduce the carbon footprint, while closing the gap between consumption and distribution.