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Marwa Haridy

Head of Quality Assurance & Customer insights – Attijariwafa Bank

Marwa’s practical journey extends for more than thirty years, starting from the university stage. She worked in various fields, from primary school to a secretary at the embassy, advertisement in an advertising agency, and then joined the first multinational insurance company in Egypt in 1998. Marwa Haridy joined Attijariwafa Bank of Egypt (AKA Barclays) in 2008 and Marwa has extensive experience spanning more than 30 years in the banking and insurance companies sector. Marwa holds her current position as Head of Quality Assurance and Marketing Research at Attijariwafa Bank of Egypt. In her current position, she takes appropriate decisions to develop strategies and plans to ensure high quality of customer service.

Since the start of her journey with the bank, Marwa started to take the initiative of changing and developing the branches and customer service units, which are naturally one of the most vital activities inside the organization. Marwa has a proven track record in this field.

Haridy also enjoys a number of talents outside her official job, she has worked as a TV Presenter and is specialized in folkloric Egyptian Proverbs, as she has been a permanent guest for the 30-day prominent show; Share3 Sherif, during Ramadan 2016.

Marwa is also a veteran cook, she has a great taste and prepares a number of signature dishes where group followers always check on her updates.

One of her most recent achievements is her increasingly famous women group “Leh La2” or what in English means “Why not?”  In June 2020, a spark of passion crossed her mind and she created the group that soon became the haven for more than 35,000 outspoken ladies who subscribe to inspire others through telling their very true stories about a turning point in their lives. The group has shown a remarkable success in terms of content and the variety of topics. What makes it really stand-out is the house rules that Marwa follows strictly with all subscribers regardless of any considerations. The Group is a manifestation of a successful Women Support Women Movement and is so far achieving great strides in terms of reach and impact. Interaction and engagement crossed precedent levels on Marwa’s new group. It is worth a visit to her page, but first you need to pass by the admins for confirmation  Marwa also added an idea to the group where she facilitated one day per week for work opportunities.

Among the group’s activities, the group conducts weekly live episodes and hosts specialized members in different fields to conduct awareness sessions (lawyers, psychologists, and a series of episodes to raise awareness about autism),The group continued to expand and spread until it reached media programmers, newspapers and magazines, and Marwa and some of the group members were hosted in the Women’s Program

The episode stimulated great admiration, and the program prepared another episode in which the members participated in other inspiring stories, A series of episodes was also shown for women

entrepreneurs who started our projects after the age of fifty In terms of community service.

Marwa has an active and effective role in the bank by making charitable initiatives, One of the most moral contributions of the employees, as they call her in the bank “The Minister of Happiness” in recognition of her relentless efforts in helping out employees at all times.

She made a different proposal through the Bank’s initiatives that takes place each year in March, the initiative is to honor the female workers and security representatives who have stories of struggle for their efforts and dedication to their work.


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