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Doaa Khedr

Organizational Transformation Expert & HR Consultant, self employed

Partner & Managing Director – Integrated for Kids’Education & Entertainment

Doaa is the managing partner for Integrated for Kids’ Education & Entertainment (IKEE)- the

company that owns the brands: Leap Preschools, Leap Camps & Grip ‘N Climb.

IKEE provides a distinguished service in the field of early years education and is considered

an early adopter of learning through play. Through play, the child explores the surrounding

world, develops his/her linguistic inventory and builds imaginative and thinking abilities,

cognitive, physical, analytical and emotional skills. This increases the child’s selfconfidence,

develops his/her intelligence and ability to deal with the world around him/her.

The company also specializes in setting up camps for children up to the age of 14, which

aim to develop the mental and leadership capabilities of children of all ages. Through the

implementation of the “The Leader in Me” program by Franklin Covey, children get handson

experience of the seven habits of leadership thinking in a simple way to make them

ready with the 21st century life skills. These camps develop the children’s ability to discover

their potential & believe in themselves.

Grip ‘N Climb, IKEE’s entertainment brand, aims to build one’s confidence in taking risks

and testing one’s abilities in a fun & entertaining manner.

IKEE has served more than 80 thousand children since it was established in 2015 to the

present day. It cooperated with more than one company and educational entity to provide

various camps and interactive programs and provided support through direct recruitment

and outsourcing to 2000 families. Doaa aspires to grow IKEE in the Middle East and to

expand the company by establishing new branches for early years education and

entertainment throughout Egypt as she believes in the capabilities of the team. This team

was able to achieve four times the sales of the first year in the fourth year of operation.

They were also able to retain all the talents even during the shutdown period during the

wave of Covid 19.

Before that, Doaa held the position of Director of Human Resources at PepsiCo Egypt until

the end of the year 2015, where her responsibility included providing support to employees

in 7 factories and 30 distribution centers across the Arab Republic of Egypt (9,000 direct

employees and 11,000 through outsourcing). During the period of her work at PepsiCo

Egypt, she, through the human resources team, designed development programs for all

employees, especially the front-liners, redesigned the organization to deal with the latest

technology production lines and ensured the readiness to provide a high-quality product

available to all consumers.

At that time, the company was able to achieve the best performance indicators in terms of

the people cost as % of revenue, development, retention of talent, as well as in measuring

the level of satisfaction and engagement of the company’s employees and devising

methods for measuring the performance of the front-liners and measuring the performance

of managers.

Doaa provides consultations to emerging companies and non-profit institutions due to her

experience in the field of human capital development. She also provides training/internship

opportunities for university youth to qualify them for real life.

Doaa adopted the idea of empowering women early on in her career, as she provided

support to the female employees in Procter and Gamble’s manufacturing facility in Egypt, shed light on the idea of including women and the creation of policies that help women continue to work to their full potential, and the introduction of standards to ensure equal opportunities for recruitment and promotion.

Doaa holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering (1997) and a Master’s degree in

Business Administration (2003) from the American University in Cairo. Immediately after her

graduation, Doaa worked at the Procter and Gamble Company plant as a line manager for

detergent production lines. She also worked in production, supply and export planning,

until her passion was clear for human resources as a career. She then moved to South

Africa to be responsible for the talent practice and developing the capabilities of work

teams in South and East Africa.


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