Chairman of Econsult & Sustainable Development & Environmental policy specialist

Appointed in Jun 2022, Global Ambassador in the UN Climate Change’s race to Zero and Race to Resilience.

Sarah El Battouty is an award winning architect with 18 years’ experience in the field of Green and Environmental Buildings. Sarah if the founder of one of Egypt’s unique Environmental Design, training and strategy and auditing company ECOnsult who have achieved the highest number of energy saving certified projects in Egypt by an Egyptian consultant. Her design work spans from Egypt to Italy and China focusing on partnering with the private sector and government on implementing green projects. She is also an entrepreneur and founder of Egypt’s scrap waste to luxury concept brand which makes high-end sustainable furniture from scrap waste materials, MuBun Sustainable Furniture.

In 2014 Sarah was appointed as a senior Advisor to the Egyptian President focusing on sustainable community development. She has worked on several projects with the presidency adopted by government including introducing energy and water saving awareness programs into the media and education system as well the creation of a youth leadership program to empower youths to participate in the political process. Her focus has been Egypt’s environmental policy which culminated in the successful ratification of Egypt signing the Paris Climate Agreement and embarking on a nationwide program for energy saving as well as water scarcity awareness. Sarah represents Egypt as an official in a variety of lectures and summits focusing on climate, housing and national security. She is now working to make environmental awareness and resource and natural heritage preservation entre the Egyptian curriculum with the Ministry of Education which she sees as a cause and passion.

She has featured in numerous magazines and talk in Global initiatives, the British and American Embassy in Cairo, Bloomberg Business for Good, Global Compact and various universities and Think Tank committees and has been awarded by the Arab League for her achievements in Green Buildings.

Her focus is to raise awareness on resource management and environmental economics to create sustainable communities for Egypt’s growing population as well as regional climate challenges linking them to education and magnifying the interlinkages. Sarah has also been recognised as a national expert and leader in 2018 for her service to this field by the government for training the intelligence and military as well as assisting in training programs for government on the Sustainable Development Goals.  As a women, Sarah is the only woman to have worked in remote regions on construction sites as well as be one of a handful of women founders of company in technology. She works with local labour to exchange knowledge and promote inclusiveness in every project. In 2015 he company decided to have equal pay for both men and women as well as having 50% of her company run by women and 100% women lead Board. Sarah is a strong believer of leadership for woman for better societies, however she always promotes letting the work speak for itself.


Bachelor’s Degree from University of Cambridge, UK in Architecture

Master’s Degree from School of African & Oriental Studies SOAS, UK in Sustainable Development and Project Management

Centre of Environment Development and Economic Policy Degree in Rural Project Management

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